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NOTE: This round of the survey is complete. Please, visit our forum to comment on the results or offer feedback on the survey itself. 


Welcome to this experimental survey to help us prioritize new features for Backdrop CMS. The data from this survey is public and can be used by core developers to help them prioritize their time and by the core development team to help with the road map. 

This is a non-binding survey. Ultimately, volunteer contributors will decide how to spend their time. 

If you feel strongly about getting a new feature into Backdrop CMS, consider acting as an advocate for that issue

  • Submit your ideas through Feb 5, 2021 (CLOSED)
  • Submitting/changing your preferences open through Feb 15th, 2021 (CLOSED)
  • We recommend limiting your preferences/priorities to 5-8 issues
  • Change your preferences as often as you like (through deadline).

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New Feature Priority Poll

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Title Github Issue Priority Countsort ascending
Add Field Group Functionality to Core 647 14
Allow multiple file/image uploads 1380 13
Add Reference Module to Core 1301 11
Add 'recipe' project type to Backdrop 3763 10
Add an icon font to core 364 9
Automatic Updates 2018 9
Expose Fields to Visibility Conditions 4728 9
VBO: Allow bulk operations for updating entity values 4401 8
Exposed filename filter for media library dialogue 3293 8
Better Taxonomy permissions 382 7
Upgrade UI module (similar to Migrate UI in D8) to help with moving from D7 4345 7
Merge all the "Update core/module/theme/layout" pages into a single page. 2714 6
VBO: Select all items on all pages 3798 6
Move title display settings to Manage Display form 1950 6
Advanced Drupal Caching (a.k.a. cache tags and cache max-age) 4127 5
Remove "tabs" from log-in, register, and password reset pages. 3309 5
Make Backdrop sites perform better OOTB in Google PageSpeed 3302 5
Safe draft (module) in core 3157 5
Add a site architect report 4691 5
Accordion blocks 3995 5
Include Honeypot module in Backdrop 1169 5
Add a help text indicator & tooltip for placing next to things that may be confusing 3707 4
Allow admin to hide the title on comments 4569 4
Improvements in Configuration Management 3475 4
Promote certain contrib projects in project browser. 3193 4
Add Backup and Migrate to CORE 2409 4
Improve core search. 1332 4
Allow rewriting the output of fields on display (without having to use views or custom code) 2608 4
Native dark mode support 4778 3
Add email obfuscator to core 3270 3
Add a button for clearing css/js cache and theme registry to the appearence page 4289 3
Add most commonly used date formats as default options to core 4645 3
Add a 'User: compare' visibility rule 4029 3
Simple Mode - Ability to toggle between simple and advanced admin features 4692 3
Allow config files to have dependencies 4188 2
Remove the 'view administration theme' permission 4487 2
Make form submit buttons "sticky". 566 2
Allow tokens to be used in the default value of fields. 885 2
Replace the current default "Promoted Content" block with a page on Home page 4849 1
Provide a new 'hidden-path' content type OOTB, and use it as a content block 4903 1
Support using Backdrop CMS with composer 2257 1
Add Grid Field Formatter to core 1
Dismissible Blocks 3996 1
SMTP / PHPMailer module in core 3199 1
Provide "Delimited" and "HTML list" display formatters for fields 2674 1
Convert taxonomy term descriptions to Fields API 1939 1
Date format tokens for date field missing 2069
Rename name "Filtered HTML" input format to "Basic" 1188